Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR at the Heart of the Group's
Management Strategy

Contributing to society and creating value through its business activities, lies at the heart of Sekisui Chemical Group’s CSR activities. Put another way, promoting CSR activities is essential to realizing the Group’s vision and the “3S Principles.” By positioning CSR at the center of our management strategy, we remain convinced that we will raise the quality of corporate management. With this understanding, we recognize the important need to engage seriously in CSR activities that are grounded in ESG management and to continuously change and evolve in order to achieve sustainable growth and innovation in our businesses.

SEKISUI Chemical Group's Contributions to the SDGs through its Business

In its Group Vision statement, Sekisui Chemical Group has declared that it will contribute, through its primary business activities, to “improving the global environment” and “improving the lives of people around the globe”—that is, the resolution of issues called for in the SDGs. In fiscal 2019, the Group then formulated its Group-wide long-term vision of itself for the year 2030.

Through reform and creation centered on ESG management, Sekisui Chemical Group will aim for two trillion yen in sales and 10% or higher in operating income ratio in fiscal 2030 in order to life infrastructure and create “peace of mind that continues into the future” toward the realization of a sustainable society. In each of the four residential (housing), advanced lifeline (social infrastructure), innovative mobility (electronics/mobility), and life science (health and medical) business domains, as well as the next frontier businesses that these domains inspire, we will work to solve environmental and social issues, create value that derives from “peace of mind that continues into the future,” and support life infrastructure.