Our Founding

SEKISUI was founded on March 3, 1947 by seven young pioneering scientists whose aim was to create a groundbreaking plastics company that would both create profit and care for employees. Since our founding, SEKISUI has grown from one factory in Osaka to become a global company with over 26,000 employees working in more than 27 countries for over 180 companies.

Our Name

The name SEKISUI originates in Sun Tzu’s famous military treatise ‘The Art of War’. He wrote that ‘the onrush of a conquering force is like the bursting of pent-up waters into a thousand fathoms deep’.

SEKISUI is the water that waits and then acts decisively to quickly rush into opportunities. This is reflected today in our focus on detail and quality but also our fearlessness in entering new markets and exploring new opportunities.

Our Vision

Through prominence in technology and quality, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world and the Earth’s environment, by continuing to open up new frontiers in residential and social infrastructure creation and chemical solutions.

Our Business

We carry out our businesses in the fields of residential and social infrastructure creation and chemical solutions with three Divisional Companies, Medical business, and the Corporate Headquarters.

We have established “Innovation for the Earth” as our vision statement under our long-term vision, “Vision 2030”. Focusing on four domains, we are aiming to create “peace of mind that continues into the future” toward the realization of a sustainable society by continuing to generate innovation.