Innovative Automobility


Window Materials
& Interlayer Films

“S-LEC™ Film” is the top brand of interlayer film for automobiles, which has the largest market share in the world. Achieves excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance when used in laminated glass. By reducing the engine load, CO2 emissions during driving are reduced.

Interior And Exterior Parts

With its proprietary foaming technology, “Softlon”, which has excellent heat insulation, shock absorption, and moldability, contributes to the safety and comfort of automobiles as an interior material.


We offer a wide range of tapes which can be used for various applications depending on the base material. In addition, we also have environmentally friendly products which use fewer resources (by using recycled materials) and reduce waste.


High Performance Resin

We provide spacers that keep liquid crystal panels evenly spaced, liquid crystal sealants, conductive particles that transmit signals between narrow electrodes, and ceramic binder resins for semiconductors and electronic components.


In addition to double-sided tapes and surface protection tapes for process materials of electronic parts, we also offer double-sided tapes for fixing liquid crystal materials that have adhesiveness as well as light-shielding and reflecting functions.