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SEKISUI SOUTHEAST ASIA CO., LTD. has been established since 2017 as the regional headquarter of SEKISUI CHEMICAL group. It is located in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. We have administrative support function for group companies operated in ASEAN, India and Australia. Total number of employees working this region is 1,000. As regional corporate office, we take a lead of corporate governance and CSR.


SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS (THAILAND) CO.,LTD is manufacturing of CPVC compound use for application of Hot water & Fire sprinkler Pipe & Fitting product. Also we trading of PVA, PVB, ADVANCELL, Functional tape, Film, Adhesive, cross-wave of both Automotive and Consumer Electronics product. Our Head office & Sales office at the Bangkok. And Manufacturing plant is located at Rayong, Thailand
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SEKISUI POLYMATECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD is a manufacturing plant that specializes in manufacturing Thermal Interface Materials, Plastic and Rubber related products, mainly for automotive applications. Thermal Grease for EV Battery, Thermal Sheet for IC Chip, Audio / Navigation Panel, Switch Units / Buttons, Contact Rubber (click feeling when pressing a switch unit / buttons) are a few examples of our end products. With our strong continuous commitment in putting our customer first, our plant is now supporting customer from various region; from our base customer in Thailand to Europe, North America, Japan and other ASEAN nations. Our Manufacturing Plant and Sales Office is located in Banpa-in Industrial Estate at Ayutthaya, Thailand.


SEKISUI PLANT (Thailand) CO., LTD. provides specialized services in designing, and engineering procurement & construction (EPC) of a pneumatic conveyor system as well as a chemical plant. We possess know-hows and technologies obtained from our parent company; SEKISUI AQUA SYSTEMS CO., LTD., a leading engineering firm established in 1964 and based in Osaka. Our services range from a basic design to procurement and commissioning.

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THAI SEKISUI FOAM CO., LTD. is the leading Thailand manufacturer of cross-linked polyolefin foam. THAI SEKISUI FOAM has been developing and manufacturing cross-linked polyolefin foam products in Thailand since the 1996’s. Product innovation, flexible service and reliable performance are central to the THAI SEKISUI FOAM company culture. Customers utilize our products including Softlon® and Thermobreak® in a myriad of applications in Building & Construction, Insulation, Automotive, Leisure and Industrial markets. We market products and solutions to Thailand, Asia Pacific, Middle East and India. We also work intimately with our sister company SEKISUI FOAM AUSTRALIA to ensure the entire South East Asia Pacific region has full and easy access to the world’s best in polyolefin foams. In addition to technical support from our Sales Engineers, a comprehensive range of technical information and samples are available to assist in the selection and use of THAI SEKISUI FOAM products. Our parent company is SEKISUI CHEMICAL of Japan. As a result THAI SEKISUI FOAM is backed by the financial and technical strength of a global company.

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SEKISUI S-LEC ™ interlayer film is widely used around the world in the production of laminated glass for automotive and architectural use, in order to offer safety, protection against UV rays, acoustic and thermal insulation, among other benefits. With over 70 years of SEKISUI S-LEC film and presence in Thailand over 15 years, SEKISUI S-LEC THAILAND is the undisputed leader of high performance PVB interlayer film for automotive industry providing a wide range of solutions that help laminated glass processors and automotive assemblers to meet the needs not only of the regional market but also of the global market. 

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S AND L SPECIALTY POLYMERS CO., LTD. was established on 10th of April 2013. This company is a manufacturer of Petro-chemical product, CPVC RESIN, and a joint-venturecompany between SEKISUI CHEMICAL (Japan) and the Lubrizol Corporation (USA).  This company is located at WHA Eastern Industrial Estate (Maptaphut), Rayong, which has been granted an investment promotion by Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) since September 2013 as well as having been certified with ISO9001:2015 for their quality management system and ISO14001:2015 for Environmental management system. Currently, this company is expanding their manufacturing capacity.


SEKISUI-SCG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is the joint venture companies that the first and only one of modular housing company in Thailand. THE ULTIMATE OF LIVING designed by the SCG HEIM System reflects a truly revolutionary system for home construction in Thailand. SCG HEIM modules are pre-manufactured in the factory, undergoing rigorous quality control inspection and manufacturing processes by an automated system and state-of-art technologies. These modules are later assembled on-site, where premium quality house, down to the last detail, takes form. Such efforts have been made to ensure your total peace of mind, starting from the moment you decide to have a house.


VEREDUS LABORATORIES was incorporated in 2003 with the innovation and commercialisation of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test kit for the detection of Influenza virus H5N1. In 2005, VEREDUS partnered with STMicroelectronics to further develop and commercialise VerePLEX™ and VereChip™, a molecular diagnostics platform which utilises cutting-edge biotechnology to detect multiple diseases from a single source. In 2014, Singapore government-owned investment firm, Temasek Holdings became a majority shareholder as Veredus continues to grow with more products launched globally. In 2018, VEREDUS was acquired by Japanese conglomerate SEKISUI CHEMICAL. VEREDUS aims to add value to bio-surveillance and medical organizations by providing innovative technologies and services in the area of disease surveillance, bio-defence related pathogen identification, emerging infectious diseases, and lifestyle diseases through delivering high quality products.

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SEKISUI SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. has been established since 2008 as sales and marketing office for handling Plant Pipe/Valves, Pipeline Renewal and High Performance Plastic. Covering business area of ASEAN and India. 

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SEKISUI VIETNAM CO., LTD. has been established since 2014 , covering business area of Indochina Peninsula. We also trading not only Plastic material products(Pipe , Fittings , Valves) for Industrial piping and building business area , but Plastic Chamber(Made in Vietnam) , Cross Wave and Piping renewal , as contribution to social infrastructure. As the important point, we have special cooperation with Local Plastic company, Tien Phong Plastic. Tien Phong Plastic is owned by SEKISUI CHEMICAL capital, we can provide excellent products to all business area by Japan Quality, made in Vietnam.

Head Office(HaNoi):
suite1414, 14th Floor, CornerStone Building, 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

suite1123,11th Floor,37 Ton Duc Thang Street,Ben Nghe Ward,Dist1,HCMC、Vietnam

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Our product market is Automotive & Electronic such an Elastomer Switch & plastic with a hundreds type of products Small part on the vehicle & electronics support. We put the customer first in our philosophy and provide products that satisfy our customers. With robotic injection machine also molding machine we can produce to the high level quality to the high capacity of product.


SEKISUI DLJM MOLDING has been established since 2011 as manufacturer of molding parts for automobile. Headquarter is located in Gurugram, India. There are 6 factories including molding, painting and plating facilities.

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SEKISUI RIB LOC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (SRLA) develops, manufactures and markets innovative pipe products, pipe machinery and pipeline rehabilitation technologies worldwide.

SRLA is the developer and worldwide manufacturer of the unique, patented technologies SPR™ EX (Expanda), SPR PE™ (Ribline), SPR™ RO (Rotaloc) and SPR™ ST (Ribsteel).  These plastic pipe products have been used around the world for the rehabilitation of deteriorated pipelines with minimal disruption.

Since 1980, when SRLA was first established, a strong focus on innovation and development has led the company to continually improve and introduce new products, taking pipe technologies into the next generation.  As a testimony to this, several prestigious international awards have been presented to SRLA in recognition of its achievements in innovative pipe technologies.

SRLA is a quality-endorsed company with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification and is committed to the Australian PVC Stewardship program.


SEKISUI PILON PTY LTD trading as SEKISUI FOAM AUSTRALIA is the leading Australian manufacturer of cross-linked polyolefin foam. SEKISUI FOAM AUSTRALIA has been developing and manufacturing cross-linked polyolefin foam products in Australia since the 1970’s. We market products and solutions to Australasia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and India. We also work intimately with our sister company THAI SEKISUI FOAM to ensure the entire South East Asia Pacific region has full and easy access to the world’s best in polyolefin foams. SEKISUI FOAM AUSTRALIA is committed to a corporate policy that recognises the utmost importance of high-quality products and services, our responsibility to the environment and the satisfaction, safety and health of all our employees. The internationally accepted standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 form the basis of the company’s Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

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